Saturday, March 19, 2016

Red Electric Can Opener

A red, electric can opener, such as the three featured here, makes fun work out of a boring task.  They cheer up the kitchen, get the job done, and well outperform those boring, old models.

My kitchen has a lot of brown and cream and I love red appliances instead of black or chrome because I think they do a better job of making my work space appear more homey and less sterile.

So, when it was time to replace the manual one I'd been using - oh - probably since I had my first apartment years ago (before a career, kids, and home ownership), I knew exactly what I was after.

In my opinion, these three choices are best.  My only decision now is whether I want one that can sit on the counter or one that goes back in a drawer.

Red Electric Can Opener for Regular and Tall Cans

Red Electric Can Opener for Regular and Tall Cans
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Hamilton Beach makes this great Ensemble model that can handle both regular sized and tall cans.  Come Thanksgiving, when I'm opening those giant cans of sweet potatoes (don't judge - I know I should use fresh!) I know I'll save a great deal of stress on my wrists using something like this.

What's especially handy is that the cutter itself is removable so you can throw it in the dishwasher.  I hate the gunk that builds up around those things over time.

It's a glossy red, a bit deeper in color, and performs very well.  It also comes with a bottle opener and a knife sharpener in the back.

A magnet piece grabs the lid when you're done but you can also move it out of the way if that becomes a pain.

It plugs in and turns off automatically when you're finished opening the can and it's sturdy enough to hold onto the can itself so you don't have to do anything to guide it through.  Even better!

Battery Powered Red Can Opener

Battery Powered Red Can Opener
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If you don't have counter space, don't want to display your pretty, red gadget, or want to save a few bucks, then the Bartelli Soft Edge can opener in red and white is sleek, sophisticated and a breeze to use.

Once you attach it to the can, a push of the top button makes the thing whirl around on its own and cuts the side of the can (so no rough edges are left).  When it's done, you simply push the button again to turn it off and take out the lid.

It runs on 4 AA batteries which isn't a problem for our household.  We seem to go through them like a fiend, mostly because of the kids' gaming devices, so I always have a huge supply on hand.

This is the kind I'd toss in my utensil drawer.  It doesn't have any additional features, like a bottle opener, but it's quick and simple and still a wrist saver.

One Touch Automatic Red Can Opener

One Touch Automatic Red Can Opener
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A cheaper, smaller option is the Zyliss EasiCan electric can opener.  It's solid, bright red and runs on only 2 AA batteries so it's cheaper to operate than the Bartelli.

It works the same way - just attach to the top of the can, push the button, and let it rotate around on its own.  A push of the button turns it off.

It's not going to last nearly as long as the Hamilton Beach, I think, and so rather than get this one for myself I'd probably gift it to my oldest son who is in his first apartment.

Which strikes me rather funny.  Some day he'd look at this as the old one that needs to be replaced and the old one I first had now looks like an antique...

It's amazing to me how technology has improved even the task of opening a can to such a degree that we hardly need to be involved at all.

Good luck in your own search for the perfect, red, electric can opener!

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